4 Best Used Cars for Teens

4 Best Used Cars for Teens in Terrell TXAre you a teen driver thinking about your first car, or a parent looking to choose for your teen? Safety is crucial for new drivers because the risk of an accident is highest early in a driver’s life. Due to their affordability, used cars are a good choice, but you’ll find a lot of conflicting opinions on which used cars are ideal for teens. To give you some ideas, here are four very strong candidates for any teen driver’s first car and the reasons they stand out.

Ford Fusion

Mid-sized sedans are a good option for teen drivers because of their generally high safety scores. Among the many vehicles in this class, the Ford Fusion stands out as a responsive vehicle that’s just as roomy as its competitors. It’s often said that more rigid vehicles like SUVs are better, but teens with lots of driving practice may find the Fusion’s mix of stability and agility more comfortable. The 2017 Fusion comes with many recent safety innovations, including special air bags for the driver’s side, knees, and head during a rollover.

Hyundai Sonata

If comfort is a high priority, the Sonata is a well-rounded model with lots of room for both the driver and passengers. The seats provide extra support during¬†long trips, and the base model packs a lot of value thanks to full power windows and mirrors, Bluetooth, and heated side mirrors that eliminate fogging. Hyundai is often ahead of other automakers with technology features, and on most 2017 Sonata models, you’ll find Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics system with roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, and more.

Chevy Malibu

The Malibu has earned great safety scores in every model year, and the cabin puts emphasis on driver comfort and convenience. All of the controls are easy to reach, and adjusting the seats, steering wheel, and other components take only the push of a button, even on base models. If you’d like a sedan with good fuel economy that you can save money over the years, consider the new Malibu Hybrid, available since the 2016 model year.

Honda Accord

Though not all teens may find it comfortable, the Honda Accord¬†is a fun car to drive. It’s a model that responsible teens can grow into as they become more confident. Handling is sharp, and turning is generous, but general acceleration and braking are equally responsive. The 2017 Accord boasts an attractive interior and exterior, and the sedan stands up well when compared to other vehicles with respect to pragmatic issues like interior space and standard features.

We recommend these vehicles because they’re safe and dependable. They all come with lots of trim levels and options, and used ones can be very affordable. Each has its strong points and its own particular appeal. Of course, these aren’t the only options available. Feel free to check out our inventory for the used car that matches your teen’s personality. We’re always happy to answer questions, so call, message, or visit us when you’re ready to start looking.

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