4 Cars That Retain Their Value

jeepToo few buyers consider resale value when they buy a new car, truck, or SUV. That’s understandable, given that no one is thinking about selling the car that they’re only just bought. It’s far more likely that you’ll look at longevity and durability during the buying process — the idea being that you don’t want to have to buy another car for a while. But it’s always a good idea to think about how much value that new vehicle will retain —  if any. Here are four vehicles that will retain their value over the long haul.

Toyota Tacoma

Year after year, the Toyota Tacoma routinely tops the list as the vehicle with the highest long-term resale value. It wins awards for its high-quality longevity. The 2017 Tacoma even went through a complete redesign, and it’s still the top contender for its resale potential. Within three years of buying a Tacoma, you can reasonably hope to get up to 71.8 percent of the truck’s cost if you sell it. Within five years, you’ll still get back more than half of your investment because, at that point, the vehicle is worth as much as 58.4 percent of its cost.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota is an impressive manufacturer when it comes to resale value. The 4Runner is a special contender. Once upon a time, the rugged SUV led the way in a new genre of vehicles. This powerhouse is now one of the last remaining SUVs of its ilk. That only makes it more valuable, though. People love the 4Runner, and they’re more than willing to buy it used if it’s still in good condition. Keep yours pristine and, in three years, you can still get 64.3 percent of the price. At five years, it’s worth 54.5 percent of the price.

Chevrolet Silverado

What is it with pickup trucks and long-lasting value? Maybe it’s because they’re so durable and powerful — they can withstand almost anything and keep driving smoothly. Chevrolet’s Silverado is the country’s second best-selling automobile, and its resale value underlines its popularity. Three years after purchase, it retains 61.8 percent of its value. It retains 52.2 percent of its value after five years.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is both known and well-loved all over the world. It’s famous for its off-road capabilities and for the strength and durability of its line. There’s no doubting that the brand earned its reputation, in part because its resale worth proves it by the numbers. The Wrangler can still pull in 63.7 percent of its value after three months, and after five years, it’s worth 51.1 percent — over half.

Even if the resale value of your new car isn’t a sticking point with you, it’s still something to consider — perhaps it can break a tie between your top two or three choices. It’s possible that a few years from now, you may need to sell your ride, at which point you unquestionably want to get back a decent chunk of your investment.

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