4 Ways to Prep for Springtime Driving

springtimedrivingNow that warmer temperatures will soon be on the way, it’s the perfect time of year to start getting your car ready for spring. Keep reading to learn how to get started.

Thoroughly Wash and Wax the Vehicle

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a car, especially if you’ve driven it through snow and ice, or across roads treated with salt. Prepare your car for the weather to come by washing the exterior, including the undercarriage. If you have a pressure washer, it’s worth using one on a low setting to reach some areas of the car that may be otherwise hard to access.

After cleaning the car, apply wax. If you do not have a garage to use while doing it at home, keep in mind that some self-service car washes can put wax on the car as a final stage. This approach is not ideal compared to waxing the car by hand, but it’s better than not using wax at all. While you are washing and waxing the car, look for signs of rust. If you notice them, take care of the rusty spots right away. Even small ones can quickly get worse and severely interfere with your car’s structural integrity. Continue reading

4 Safety Features You Can’t Live Without

airbagToday’s cars don’t just look great and perform well. They also keep drivers and passengers safe, thanks to numerous purposeful features. Keep reading to learn about some of them that are especially essential.

Air Bags

Now found on all modern vehicles, air bags were introduced in automobiles during the 1980s. In response to collisions, air bags automatically inflate to protect the car’s occupants. The most common kinds of air bags cushion a person’s head and neck, but there are also side curtain air bags, and even kinds that inflate between a driver’s knees.

Some of the newest air bags have sensors that allow them to move as a person’s position in the seat changes due to the car’s motion. There is also technology that can tell whether a seat is occupied, if the person sitting in it is wearing a seat belt, and the severity of a crash. Continue reading

Jazz up Your Used Car With These 4 Accessories

jazz-up-your-used-car-with-accessoriesIf you just purchased a used car, it’s time to make that car your own. There are tons of accessories out there you can get to help make the car feel like it’s truly yours. When you’re considering decking out your new ride, take a look at these fun and helpful car accessories.

1. Bluetooth Car Kit

While many new cars offer Bluetooth wireless technology as a standard feature now, there are many used cars out there that don’t have this. If you’re buying a used car without Bluetooth, one of the best accessories you can get is a Bluetooth car kit. These devices plug directly into your car’s power outlet and allow you to take calls hands-free. There are several different levels of Bluetooth technology, so if you’re looking for something that allows you to stream your music, make sure you get one that offers audio streaming. Continue reading

4 Car Accessories Every Driver Should Own

caraccessorieseverydrivershouldownMost of us spend a lot of time in our cars. So we’ve decided to make car living even easier by compiling a list of car accessories that one must have. Want to gauge your car’s health without having to go into an auto shop? Want to truly keep your phone hands-free? Or charge your devices from the comfort of your car? All of these and more is possible! Read on to discover our list of car accessories and items that every car driver should have.

Monitor Your Car’s Health From Your Phone

Now is the time for you to easily (and conveniently) detect any automotive problems. The FIXD Active Car Health Monitor is a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that plugs into your car, connects with the accompanying smartphone app, and gives you a status update on your car’s health. If you would like to know exactly why your check engine light is on or simply need a reminder to service your car, this device will do just that. This handy accessory is only $38.95 – but hurry, as it will only stay this price for a limited time only! Continue reading