The 4 Best Sushi Restaurants in Rockwall

sushiplacesinrockwallIf you love sushi, you know there’s nothing quite like the first bite of a new roll. With intense flavor combinations that range from spicy to sweet, sushi is a type of food that appeals to many people’s palates. To satisfy your sushi craving, Rockwall, Texas, offers several sushi-centric eateries. To help you choose one, here’s a list of four of the best sushi restaurants in Rockwall.

1. SushiBox

Offering outdoor seating and indoor casual dining, SushiBox is a great place to go for delicious rolls. The menu features different categories of rolls including traditional, crunchy, no-rice, baked, and topped with fresh fish. In addition to sushi, this eatery also serves bento boxes, tempura udon, soups, and appetizers.

If you’re wondering which rolls to try, check out the unique rolls such as the Louisiana Roll with crawfish, the Texas Roll with jalapenos and cream cheese, and Panic Roll with spicy crabmeat and jalapenos. Regardless of which roll you try, they all have beautiful plate presentation. You can enjoy the bounty of the SushiBox for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Continue reading

The 4 Best Breakfasts in Rockwall

rockwallbreakfastFor many people, breakfast is the favorite meal of the day. It’s nice to start your day with sweet treats such as pancakes, muffins, or scones. But for people who prefer savory foods, breakfast can mean cheesy eggs, spicy sausage, and crisp bacon. Best of all, you can enjoy sweet and savory together for a perfect balance of flavors. Regardless of what your taste buds crave, you can find tasty options in Rockwall, Texas. Check out this list of the four best breakfasts in this Dallas suburb.

1. The Fatted Calf

Serving up brunch every day except Monday, the Fatted Calf is a locally-owned restaurant that’s popular with locals. Browse the extensive menu to find perennial brunch favorites such as eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, and a variety of omelets. To keep brunch interesting, this eatery offers dishes such as biscuit sliders, sweet potato pancakes, and fried green tomatoes. Complement your meal with a fruity adult beverage such as strawberry mint mimosa, cranberry fizz, or a citrus-ginger beverage. Among all the tempting menu items, the must-try dish is the chicken and waffles. Continue reading

4 Strange and Unusual Places to Visit Near Terrell

strange-and-unusual-places-to-visit-near-terrell-txYou may feel like you’ve visited all the attractions in and around Terrell, especially if you’ve lived here a long time. However, there are several unique and interesting things to see in the area. If you’re looking for unusual options to fill your time, have an adventure visiting these strange attractions near Terrell.

1. Royce City Futuro House

Head about half an hour outside of Terrell to Royse City. Here you’ll find what looks to be a rusted-out little spaceship. The building was created in the 1960s and has been an attraction for the area since. The Finnish architect who built the Futuro House created 100 of these throughout the world, but only 50 are still standing. The home is made from fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic, and was created to be easily moved and quickly assembled. This landmark brings visitors from all around the world, and is definitely a fun and unique site to see. Continue reading

What to Do in Terrell, TX

whattodointerrellSituated between U.S. Highway 80 and State Highways 34, is the small and country town of Terrell, Texas. Just 20 miles away from Dallas, Terrell truly offers southern charm with the convenience of being near a big city. From the historical aspect to the gorgeous architecture of its churches and public buildings to the unique activities, Terrell is home to many attractions, parks, and other events. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do while staying in Terrell.

Ghost Walk

Dubbed one of the best attractions in Terrell, this ghost tour isn’t just about ghosts. While there are plenty of the ghost stories and tall tales most visitors expect around Halloween, this ghost walk tour is great to experience all year round! In addition to the haunted aspect of this tour, ¬†you can also learn all about the history of Terrell. This tour showcases all the beautiful parts and aspects of Terrell that you might not normally see. Whether you’re looking for a spooky time or historical tour, these ghost tours will certainly offer hours of entertainment. Continue reading