Your Guide to 4th of July Celebrations Near Terrell

4th of July in Terrell TXLooking for a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July this year? Luckily, there are plenty of events happening in the Terrell area. Even though the holiday falls on a Tuesday, there are even a number of weekend options to keep the whole family entertained. Start planning your itinerary now to make sure you get your fill of fireworks and festivities.

Terrell Fireworks Display

Don’t feel like leaving town? That’s not a problem, because Terrell has its own fireworks display for you to enjoy. During the day, the city hosts a Tricycle/Bicycle Decorating Contest and Parade at Ben Gill Park. When darkness falls, the city will light up the sky with its annual fireworks display, which typically draws around 5,000 to 6,000 spectators. Continue reading

The 4 Best Breakfasts in Rockwall

rockwallbreakfastFor many people, breakfast is the favorite meal of the day. It’s nice to start your day with sweet treats such as pancakes, muffins, or scones. But for people who prefer savory foods, breakfast can mean cheesy eggs, spicy sausage, and crisp bacon. Best of all, you can enjoy sweet and savory together for a perfect balance of flavors. Regardless of what your taste buds crave, you can find tasty options in Rockwall, Texas. Check out this list of the four best breakfasts in this Dallas suburb.

1. The Fatted Calf

Serving up brunch every day except Monday, the Fatted Calf is a locally-owned restaurant that’s popular with locals. Browse the extensive menu to find perennial brunch favorites such as eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, and a variety of omelets. To keep brunch interesting, this eatery offers dishes such as biscuit sliders, sweet potato pancakes, and fried green tomatoes. Complement your meal with a fruity adult beverage such as strawberry mint mimosa, cranberry fizz, or a citrus-ginger beverage. Among all the tempting menu items, the must-try dish is the chicken and waffles. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Used Car in Pristine Condition


You may think that buying a new car is your best bet and look down your nose at a used car. But there are several excellent used cars out there that will give you many years of reliable service and a decent resale value – if you look after it. Here are four tips to keep your used car in top condition.

Do Regular Maintenance

Once you’ve bought your used car, have a professional mechanic look it over and point out any mechanical issues that need to be addressed. With used cars come higher mileage and more wear and tear, so getting it examined is your first step. Once all problems have been fixed, stick to a maintenance plan and take it in for regular tune-ups to keep it humming nicely. Also┬ácheck┬áthe tires and top up fluids like brake fluid, coolant, and oil. A used car will keep running reliably for many years if it is properly maintained. Continue reading

3 Ways to Budget for a Used Car

waystobudgetforausedcarBuying a used car is a great option for anyone on a tight budget, but there are financial ramifications to consider when purchasing any vehicle. If you’re in the market for a reliable pre-owned vehicle, here are a few tips to help you budget for the upcoming expense.

Determine How Much Car You Can Afford

A big mistake many buyers make when shopping for a new vehicle is failing to calculate their budget beforehand, which can lead to being underwater with your auto loan. Being underwater or upside-down on a car loan is when you owe more than the vehicle is worth, which usually happens when you finance a vehicle that’s beyond your budget. Buying a used car can help you avoid being upside-down on your auto loan, but you still need to shop smart.

Make a list of your monthly income versus all expenses. Include minute expenses such as the occasional coffee or vending machine snack, as these add up. Going over your monthly expenses can help you determine how much money you can afford for a car’s monthly payment. Be sure, however, to consider the new car’s taxes, maintenance, fuel, and insurance costs, as they may differ from your existing vehicle’s. Continue reading