Mark Your Calendar for These 4 Upcoming Events in Terrell

tractorBy Texas standards, Terrell is a tiny town, located just over 30 miles from Dallas. Like many small towns in Texas, however, it has an abundance of charm, and it has more than a few surprises that routinely sweep guests off their feet. The town hosts a variety of one-off events and annual activities all year long, so if you’re planning a trip to Terrell, with its tiny but warmly welcoming population, you might want to work your itinerary around the upcoming events.

Happy Days in Terrell America

This annual March event epitomizes what Terrell is all about at heart. Happy Days in Terrell America is a celebration that piggybacks on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. As the “holiday” itself suggests, this is a day when the people of Terrell and surrounding towns come together to not just celebrate but also appreciate the small businesses, independent shops, and mom-and-pop enterprises around town. It’s a day to support local businesses, and trust that the people of Terrell are all about that type of hometown support.

Designer Purse Bingo

Here’s a one-of-a-kind event that’s sure to pique the interest of locals and visitors alike. Everyone knows that designer purses are expensive, right? Designer Purse Bingo night offers a chance to snag a luxe bag for just $45, plus you’re entertained with game after game of bingo all night. Better still, the proceeds go to a good cause — funds raised will benefit the Kaufman County Children’s Advocacy Center. The event takes place on April 7, and your $45 buys you entry into the event, 20 bingo cards, snacks, and drinks.

Heritage Jubilee

The Heritage Jubilee is an annual event. This year, it starts on April 22 and ends April 23. The carnival — or jubilee — itself opens on Thursday night. Weekend activities include an arts and crafts fair, a quilt show, and a barbecue cook-off, meaning that you have plenty of reasons to head to Ben Gill Park.

North Texas Antique Tractor and Engine Club’s Show

Tractor shows are huge in Texas, particularly in North Texas, so the Antique Tractor Show is a big deal. For 2017, it runs June 10-11, and those two days are absolutely packed with things to do and see. The annual event also takes place at Ben Gill Park.

Needless to say, the tractors always steal the show, especially the genuine antiques. However, there are also small toy tractors on display. Other activities include demonstrations for wheat threshing, water pumping, rope making, and corn grinding. There’s a “sled pull” using an antique tractor, a tractor parade, and exhibits showcasing the antique tools used on old equipment.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Terrell is uninteresting or boring just because it’s a small town in North Texas. Those towns often have more to offer than the major cities, especially if you’re a fan of authentic hometown fun and history. If you could pick just one event in Terrell to attend, which one would you choose?

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