New to Terrell? Here are 4 Ways to Connect

newtoterrellWhether you’ve just moved into the Terrell, Texas, area, or you’ve been a resident for a while, you may be looking for ways to meet new people. When you spend most of your time at work or taking care of your family, it’s not easy to find people who share your interests and values, so you may feel a little bit lonely. But with these easy tips, you can get out and meet people who might just become your best friends.

Start on Social Media

In the past, groups like the PTA, neighborhood watch, and church organizations met in person to discuss issues and go over agenda items. But more and more of these groups are going online, allowing more people to participate and connect with each other. So when you’re looking to meet new people, start on Facebook, where there are many different groups that are open to people in a specific area who have similar interests.

Yard/garage sale groups are also helpful, since they allow you to connect with others in the area and buy or sell items. If your neighborhood has a group, members might share information about suspicious people coming to their homes, lost and found pets, and other useful items.

Join an Athletic Group

Terrell also has several athletic groups for kids who enjoy getting out and playing sports. You can make new friends and your children can get some exercise at the same time. The Terrell Athletic & Recreational Association (TARA) is a great place to start, with youth baseball and softball leagues, or you can sign your children up for youth soccer, swimming, or football. There are also a few recreational leagues for adults, including swimming and soccer, so the fun isn’t limited to just the youth.


Another good way to connect with people with similar interests and passions is by signing up to volunteer with organizations that matter to you. If animal welfare is meaningful, spend a few hours a week with the adoptable pets at the local animal shelter. Those who love politics can offer their time to support the Republican or Democratic Party of Kaufman County. The United Way also has a chapter in the area, so you can offer support to its initiatives.

Take a Class

Learning a new skill or perfecting your abilities in something you love to do is always worthwhile, and taking a class could help you meet other students who want to learn as well. There are all types of classes available at different locations throughout Terrell, including cooking, baking, sewing, gun safety, fitness, dance, and more. Find something that appeals to you and sign up before you change your mind. Once you’re committed, you’re more likely to attend regularly.

These tips for meeting people might put you outside of your comfort zone, but that’s often a necessary first step to connecting with new friends. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone at the bus stop or when you get your morning cup of coffee. Most people are open to friendships with new people, so you don’t have much to lose.

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